Review of the Eventide H9 Max Harmonizer

by Mark E. White

I recently got an awesome deal on a new Eventide H9 Max Harmonizer, a multi effects unit on Reverb.  As a matter of fact, it was so good that I couldn’t say no.  So, I grabbed it up!  I have known about the quality of Eventide products for a long time, but they were completely out of my budget until recently.  With the release of the new Eventide H90 (which seems to have two H9’s integrated into one unit) the price of the H9 max’s are going down.  With these prices dropping, I am planning on getting another H9 Max unit soon.

The sound quality is phenomenal!  Eventide did not skimp on quality in the H9 in the least.  Also, you get all the algorithms of all their stomp boxes and the rack mounted effects including the much sought after H3000 and the H9000!  These include extremely lush reverbs, dense delays, beautiful choruses, flanging, phase shifting, pitch shifting, and distortion (although I don’t personally care for the sounds of the distortions, I tend to get my distortion sounds from my AX-8).  All are recording studio grade effects!

The front panel features two footswitches, five buttons, and a push dial for programing the various effects.  It has stereo ins and outs and full MIDI capability.  It also features true analog bypass, a tap tempo footswitch, Bluetooth, a free Bluetooth app, and USB connectivity.  In addition, you can save changes to the pre-sets in a user area for call up when needed.  With the free H9 app, you can create set lists, edit and manage pre-sets wirelessly via Bluetooth or with the USB connection.

I recently plugged my H9 into my Fractal AX-8 through the effects loop using the stereo ins and outs of both units and plugged in the MIDI cord to the MIDI out on the Fractal to the MIDI in on the H9.  I spent a few minutes of programing on the Fractal AX-8, with the free Fractal AX8 Edit program, and I was sending algorithm change information and beats per minute to the H9.  Now when I change pre-sets on the Fractal, it sends the MIDI information to the H9 and the H9 changes sounds and the beats per minute instantly.  It was seamless integration between the two units from different manufacturers.  I’ve never worked with MIDI before.  I am extremely impressed.  I love the sound quality.  It is simply amazing, especially in this size of a package and in this price range! 

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