How To Make Guitar Playing More Fun By Learning Faster

Learning guitar is more fun when you continually grow and are able to play new things. Naturally, the faster you learn the more you can learn. When you learn new things on guitar at a fast rate, you become motivated, making the entire process more fun.

To start making faster progress in your guitar playing, the most important thing to do is work with a great guitar teacher. When you take guitar lessons with a teacher like this, you make it much easier on yourself and eliminate a lot of the frustration that comes with learning on your own. Here’s how a guitar teacher does this for you:

Effective practicing strategy – when you work with a guitar teacher who has already helped many other students achieve their goals, he has experience creating effective practicing strategies. When you use a guitar practice strategy that is effective, you get better much faster. Your guitar teacher also has the experience to help you understand not just what to practice, but how to practice it in order to get better results. Without this, you’d have to guess on your own. This is what causes most self-taught players to get stuck (making guitar playing much less fun and more frustrating).

Correcting mistakes – It’s hard to know what to do whenever you are making mistakes that prevent you from playing guitar how you want… unless you have someone with experience to show you. A great guitar teacher breaks down your mistakes into the fundamental flaws that need to be corrected so you can quickly move past them. This means less time struggling and more time enjoying playing guitar like you want.

Goal setting – Taking lessons with a teacher also helps you become a more effective goal setter. Great guitar teachers understand the wide range of goals you can achieve. They help you expand your current goals and achieve what you want faster using correct practice methods and training.

Guidance – Finally, a good guitar teacher guides you throughout the process of improving as a guitarist. It’s easy to get off course or lose focus without someone to guide you. Many self-taught players end up practicing things that are cool but have nothing to do with their ultimate goals (wasting a lot of time in the process). Your guitar teacher will keep you on track so you are always getting closer to where you want to be. This makes your guitar playing more fun in the long run because you see yourself getting better and better as time goes on.

In addition to what has been mentioned already, your guitar playing becomes more fun when you actively track and measure your progress. By doing this, you see every week how far you’ve come. Track every single aspect of your guitar playing from how fast you can play a certain lick to how accurately you can play a scale at a certain tempo to how many chord inversions you can play in 10 seconds. The possibilities are endless, and the more you track the better you can understand your strengths and weaknesses as a guitarist. With every practice item you have, sit down and think of at least 5 things you can track while practicing it.

Use this tracking approach together with taking guitar lessons with a great teacher. You’ll be surprised at how much progress you make and how much fun you can really have playing guitar!